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Monitor Cluster Sizing Calculator

Total # of VDI Machines:
Avg. # of VDI concurrent processes per VDI:

Total # of RDS Servers:
Avg. # of concurrent processes per RDS server:
Total # of concurrent RDS sessions:
Avg. # of concurrent processes per RDS Session:
Technical Notes

  • This interactive sizing calculator refers to monitors which are sized for peak performance with 8 vCPU and 32GB RAM.
  • The scalability limit of a single Monitor node is 400,000 concurrent processes. The actual limit of VDI/RDS machines per Monitor node depends on the avg. number of concurrent processes per machine.
  • Based on our benchmark, the following values are set as default values and should be adjusted based on your environment.
    • RDS/XA Server – 100 processes.
    • RDS Session – 20 processes.
    • VDI Machine – 160 processes.
  • For additional information about the Sizing Guidelines for ControlUp v8.x please visit this link.